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Growth Highlights:

Over the past ten (10) years, Abide Family Center has grown from serving one community to serving the country all over with an average increase each year. In 2013, Abide empowered only 20 families and currently we have Over 510 families on our caseload. This includes families receiving direct services as well as follow-up services. We are also proud to say that we have served over 510 families and about 2,000 children among those families in the last 10 years and a half.

All these families and guardians shared varying success stories with pertinent emotions of the connections they have with Abide Family Center. Abide is particularly touched by the number of families that have told them that it has been for there sake that they have managed to keep their children and not send them away to orphanages. Abide Family Center is indeed making a difference in peoples’ lives.


As an organization, Abide family Center has continued to re-invent itself and provide customer care relations, empowering clients, helping them facilitate their health life, putting a smile on the broken families and keeping the children out of the orphanages or institutional cares that have continued to make it relevant to the vulnerable families and vulnerable children.

Our relevancy has resulted into positive out puts and reactions from the different families and guardians because so many families today can provide shelter, medical, feeding and also can provide education fees to their children. We have done our best to enrich over 500 families in supporting them financially, economically and socially, and keeping about 2,000 children in families since our existence in the year 2013 when we started working in the various communities. This expansion has realized substantial growth over the past years and we hope to achieve specific objectives:

To allow and enrich women to greater access to and have more control over the resources so that they can be able to provide for the families and limit the ideas and knowledge of taking the children to institutional cares and decisions.

To promote and improve the social and economic wellbeing of at-risk families in the local communities in the Eastern region of Uganda.
To foster sustainable livelihood in the communities in the Eastern region of Uganda.
To train at risk families/households on how to start and sustain their income generating businesses that will be created using the skills attained.
To support malnourished/unhealthy babies in terms of milk support, food supplies and medical care plus also taking the care givers to hospitals.

Our Services

Abide Family Center offers family preservation services through:
Intake and investigation into cases of at-risk families for placing orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs) in orphanages.
We offer direct services to risk families through:

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