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This is Baby Henry at the age of 1 year and 6 months and born to a 25 year Old senior two drop-out Monica. Baby Henry was referred to Abide Family Center for milk support. We received Henry at 5 months and was weighing 6kgs which was underweight. Abide Family Center offered Milk to Henry. He is doing okay and health.

Food Support

This entailed helping the needy and vulnerable families with food to reduce on the food insecurity and improve on their dietary nutrition as a result of the COVID 19 lockdown where people could not afford even the very basic meals. We provided food to various families that were affected by the lockdown leading to poor health, retarded growth and physical weakness. Majority of the families were just at home and not working.

Nutrition Support:

We provided 72 tins of formula to 2 infants and 2 tins of Nido to 2 children this year. The children below 1year received Formula and later after making 1 year and above, they transitioned to Nido milk. The categories of children who received Formula and Nido milk were those who had H.I.V mothers, malnourished children and those that were abandoned by their mothers. The main objective was to ensure proper growth and development of the children. We had children like Baby Henry, Baby Hope, among others who benefitted this year. This is a continuous cycle that will go on until the nutrition status of the children has improved to acceptable standards.

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