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Counseling and Guidance are vital at Abide Family Center. We were able to reach 24 families that were admitted this year (2020). These families received counseling services either during home visits, follow- up visits or at the office premises whenever they attended business or parenting classes. This was done on a one-on- one basis and some of it was done as a team. We were able to meet clients together with the business instructors to guide them on the business ventures they were interested in taking. We also counseled a couple of care-givers together with other staff at the center and carried out follow- ups after the meetings to check if the clients had implemented what was discussed. We have seen and observed a lot of our care- givers change and their lives transformed through counseling and guidance. We have also realized that they get to make better choices. It was during a family break up, Business disasters/challenges and we gave words of encouragement. We counseled a couple of care givers during the year and currently our clients have smiles on their faces and are happier than before.

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