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The 26 clients that were admitted, 2 were disqualified hence 24 care givers. The admitted went through the Business class trainings and received grant. The grant was to start business and help the vulnerable families to sustain their lives and be able to cater for their families in terms of shelter feeding, rent (have a brick house which is ventilated and plastered and cemented), education (to take the children to attain at least primary and secondary education) and medical among others. A lot of businesses were started like Retail shops, Food kiosks, Timber selling, Charcoal selling, Tailoring, Fruit selling, Cloth selling, and salons that have enabled the families to meet their needs and not live on less than a dollar per day as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) state.

Furthermore, 20 care givers received their Grant Balances to boost their businesses.

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